Students organize sit-in at the Faculty of Arts

On January 26th, 2018, a group of concerned students organized a sit-in to discuss a range of problems the faculty of arts is facing, but that also matter for our university as a whole. The faculty board was present at first, but soon left the room to allow the students, who were also from other faculties, to form a shared opinion and plot a course of action. The students put together a list of demands, advocating for more transparency and inclusion. Read the full list below.

1.a Full transparency on the internal allocation system, meaning an explanation on all choices made.

1.b The board of the Faculty of Arts and the Board of the University should speak out openly against the current national allocation system.

1.c The Board of the University should provide an open discussion about the internal allocation system and the possible alternatives to it.

2. Communication systems and decision-making structures between the student, faculty and the board do not function well and should be revised through discussions, with an emphasis on the voice of students and staff.

3.a. The discussion planned between the Board of the Faculty of Arts and the history program should be held faculty-wide and between the faculty and all individual programs.

3.b. The board of the Faculty of Arts should urge the Board of the University to advise the other faculty boards to have these discussions on all other faculties as well.

4. The board of the Faculty of Arts should publicly respond to these points.


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