GFN x DAG: ”What should the university care about?”

Join DAG and the GFN on the 30th of April, 20:00 in brouwerij Martinus! Over some beers we will discuss the question: ‘what should the university care about?’

Do you think the university should implement more gender neutral bathrooms? Can the university do more about mental health problems? What about the housing of international students? Or should the university be more helpful in providing accommodation for student (activist) organisations? Is sexual assault a problem in our university, and what can we do about it? All these questions will be discussed on the first part of the evening!

All these questions come down eventually to an even more important one: ‘how can we resist?’ As an activist student organization, what are the best ways to organize? How do you fight for your ideals? And can you make concessions to them, in order to reach other victories? Some speakers from different areas will shed their light on these questions. But we would love to hear your contribution as well! See you then!

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