DAG’s 2020 Election Programme

This year’s election programme is based on our 2019 vision document. The visions explained in the document remain up-to-date. Our election programme, on the other hand, updates and specifies DAG’s approach to bringing the vision into reality.

This programme consists of two chapters with several sub-sections:

  1. Our Demands
    1. Democracy
    2. Sustainability
    3. Inclusion
    4. Education
    5. Financing
  2. Our Methods

In summary, our demands are as follows:

  • Introducing secret ballots to the councils: a fair vote is private by nature.
  • Encourage a democratic culture.
  • More power to the councils!
  • Move towards A Post-Growth University.
  • End cooperation with polluting industries.
  • The RUG needs to be CO2 neutral.
  • End animal experiments.
  • Promote an inclusive hiring policy.
  • Introduce a mandatory (neuro-)diversity and anti-racism training for university staff and students.
  • Curriculums should have more space for critical reflection of the course material itself.
  • Changing facilities to be more inclusive.
  • Better help for those experiencing discrimination, mental health problems and sexual harassment.
  • De-grow the classroom: improving quality of education.
  • Stop “bulimic learning” and favor long term knowledge-retention based teaching and examination.
  • More learning autonomy to students.
  • More (interdisciplinary) electives for bachelor programs.
  • Offer the possibility to watch the lectures online for all courses under all circumstances.
  • Go back from 5 ECTS to 10 ECTS-like courses, as much as possible.
  • Less projects, more education.

If you’d like to read in detail about these demands, read our full election programme here!