DAG launches platform for emergency housing international students

As was the case last year, a major housing crisis is imminent. The Facebook groups with room ads are already full of desperate messages, especially from international students, all eager to find accommodation.

All these international students deserve a warm welcome. They must be treated in the same way as Dutch students, and housing is a basic condition. Unfortunately, the RUG invests a great deal of money in attracting foreign students, but it falls far short in terms of reception and integration.

The irresponsible internationalisation, based on a business model for the university, should not be at the expense of all international students who like to study here. That is why DAG is launching the ‘help a fellow student out’ initiative, in which international students without housing can temporarily stay with other students until they have found something.

Anyone who wants to help a student in need of a place to sleep for a short or longer period of time can register using the form below. In order to create equal expectations, everyone can indicate how many nights they wish to make their accommodation available. In the coming period we will collect various addresses, after which we will launch the initiative for incoming students without a residence in August.